Saturday, September 20, 2008

Off To The Races

Greg's Commute to Work + Love of Sports/Politics = AM Talk Radio Fan
That's how this story begins.
Greg listens to talk radio on his commute to and from work and actually gets on from time to time to put his two cents in, which I think is adorable.  (You should hear him discuss anything to do with the Phoenix Suns or the upcoming election... watch out. :)  A local station started advertising that they were going to have a race for their listeners to win a Brand New Ford GT Mustang... so naturally Greg's ears perked up and he signed up to receive the text messages with the daily question.  Being the Brainiac he is he naturally knew the question, :) (which was something to do with the Olympics) and was the caller #9... AND got the answer right.  They then told him the details to compete for the Mustang, which I'll fill you in on now.  First Greg had to pick up the tickets for Saturday Sep. 20th and that morning we had the joy of getting up at 5 in the morning.  That's right... FIVE O'CLOCK in the morning WITH HAVEN... (who had already had a rough night) which made for a great start :)  She was a trooper though, she loved the carts that she calls "kigh's" for cars.  (& whenever one would go past she would wave & say "Bye Bye!"  I just love her.)  So here's Greg just before his run on the track.
The races were all the way out in Tooele and we were there in plenty of time to see this gorgeous sun-rise.  
There were 100 guys vying for the car, and here are some of them.  
Fierce bunch... honestly.
Some of the people there were out of control nascar.  Seriously, it was like their lives were on the line, several of them had gone and paid lots of money to go practice on the track, seriously HARD CORE NASCAR.  So needless to say Haven and I hung with the crowd of wives who were there for fun to support their husbands, because believe me, there were a dozen of other nascar wives who looked like they were ready to pounce on anyone who had the thought that their husbands might win it.  Pretty out of control, I'm not gunna' lie.
While waiting for the races to start I snapped this photo, something tells me if there were a pot o'gold at the end of the rainbow... it wouldn't be in Tooele.  Just a thought :)
And he's OFF!  Greg did great in the race.  There were 12 heats with 8 guys in each Greg went in the 3rd heat and got 3rd place (by a hundredth of a second).  Ultimately, he finished in the top 20's but we didn't really stick around for the entire thing figuring there were a lot of guys who were WAAY too into it.  He did so great for not practicing or riding go-carts (since the last time we were home with my dad... classic:) So needless to say he made me proud!
Haven was really into the races... or not.  She had a blast making friends though.  All-in-all that was a very fun and memorable experience :) 
Who needs a Mustang GT anyway? :)