Sunday, September 18, 2011

Such a FUN night!

We had such a fun night that began over our friend's the Quintana's... it entailed very delicious food... slow cooked smoked chicken and pulled pork. Yeah... and everything else amazing. We then went to the Pioneer Classic Charity Event at Wigwam Country Club and had even more deliciousness. Needless to say we're very full... and had a blast. We're so lucky to have enjoyed such great company with Adrienne & Phil, Jacy & John, and UDL buddies: Mark and Chris, Alison & Josh, Bill & McKenzie. I even learned how to play BlackJack at the Pioneer Classic... and NO gambling or money was involved. :) -WINNING!!!!- It was just for fun, and I even became friends with the cute little dealer lady named Lin. She was totally telling me what to do... as Mark and Greg were explaining the odds and reasoning behind it all. It's definitely a good thing I don't gamble... but it's a shame that Greg doesn't. J/K He would have made it rain hunzo's of IMAGINARY moolah. Hahahaaaaa. :)  It was a hilariously fun night!