Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yo Ho Ho! Ahoy Me Hearty... Haven & Drake Had A Pirate Party!

 Putting On Their Pirate Gear
  Leave it to boys to repurpose the
balloons in .03 seconds. :) 

Oh Haven. :)
 Pirate Princesses
 Trying To Get Some Loot
 'Atta Boy Drake!
 Sweet Haven.
 Go Boston.
 That's my girl!
 Scallywags getting their loot!
 Sweet Pirates.
This is what Drake was doing while I was snapping pics
 of the others with their pirate mustaches & goatees.
Funny boy loves my hair.
 CanNOT believe she's 5. 
 They got spoiled by their friends.
 For the first time ever Drake was actually able to blow out the candle.  
I think the fake cake Summer and Phil got him for Christmas that he's been carrying around has helped him practice.  He's obsessed with cakes and trains.  Cute boy.
 One of our neighbors apparently decided they'd help with our party theme by giving us an ocean in front of our house... or they were just emptying their pool... either way, the kids LOVED it. :)
 My little pirate.
These sweet princesses changed at least 25 times.
 Love them.
 Drake and Seattle
 I love these silly boys.


Kristin said...

You are seriously the queen of awesome parties. LOVE the pirate style staches. :)

Teresa said...

Blow me down- awesome!
So cute I just had to pin it.
Happy day

Go Go Gomez said...

That looks like so much fun! I canNOT believe your kids are 3 and 5 either. Where does the time go?!!
You really do throw some amazing parties! Miss you!

Trygve and Shelby said...

OH MY!! All of this is amazing! You are so creative! I remember you used to always have us to fun things. You're such a good fun mommy!

elise said...

Gee, I want to come to your next party. Amazing. You rock.