Monday, September 29, 2008

My Baking Frenzy!

So I kind of went a little crazy with the baking... but at least a lot of people benefitted from my insanity. (The beneficiaries :) were: Greg, Blake, Haven and I, the families Greg and I home & visit teach, a few of our neighborhood friends, and everyone at Blake and Greg's work.  Yeah, between the cookies and cinnamon rolls we pretty much helped a lot of people increase their caloric intake tastefully.   Here's a sugar cookie "leaf wreath" with some caramel candy corn in the center.  I'd been craving Cheryl & Co. cookies... STAT.  So this was my solution.

WARNING: If you're pregnant, live in Utah (other than St. George), and you LOVE Cinnabon as much as I do... you're stuck.  Left helplessly empty-handed with nothing to quench your cinnamon roll hunger that only Cinnabon can fix.  So I attempted to make my own... fudged an amazing recipe I found, and made both plain and PUMPKIN CINNAMON rolls.  Greg isn't a huge fan of anything pumpkin... so I made both and I was very happy with the results.  I'm not going to lie... that's putting it modestly... they were amazing.   

They were ooey... gooey... and finger licking good.

For some of the families I brought cinnamon rolls to, there were more than would fit on a plate so I went to Michaels and bought some pastry boxes.  I love Autumn-izing things!  (which I'm sure I inherited from my season-loving Momma... and in case you're wondering the note below was smudged for reasons of confidentiality :)

He's gunna be SOOO MAD!  
He'll get over it in 20 years though, when we have this night to look back on.  He was so cute helping me make these.  The last helper I had make these was my cute niece Lexi at the cabin, although her enthusiasm wasn't matched, Greg did get pretty close.  
So here's my cute Baker-Boy!


Sparks in the Desert said...

Shavonne! You are so festive! We have so much in common! I have not baked in a while, because I just eat everything up...I'm trying to loose the baby weight, and with the holidays around the corner, it's going to be a long road!



Adria said...

I want to be crafty and festive SO bad but never know where to start!! Everything you did looks super yummy and super cute! OH I love Cinnabon as well and am sad to hear you cannot partake of it where you live. BUT at our local grocery store here in AZ they sell Cinnabon in a can that you can make at home by yourself, it doesn't taste as good but it's better than nothing! Check your store and see if they sell it, it's in the same isle as the rest of the cinnamon rolls:)

The Cingolani's said...

I love that you are a little Betty Crocker like me! I also love this time of year, just for the yummy baked goods! Is your cinnamon roll recipe up for sharing or is it something super confidential? I have been looking for one, but haven't found a recipe I like. Let me know!

Jill said...

Hey! Send some of those scrumptious cookies our way! hehe! Glad you're having fun! Miss you guys!

Shauna said...

Oh my heck! Everything you make looks so yummy! You better send some this way before you move :)

Mandy said...

You go girl!!! Will there still be some of those goodies around in the next few days? Justin, Gentry and I are coming down to Utah county and we have to run out to Cedar Fort, which I believe is in your neck of the woods. We'd love to see you. Maybe do dinner?

Teresa said...

I'm at the nut house now- and man are you making me hungry- look yummy- Love your new banner :}

Lindsey said...

Dude, those cinnamon rolls were AMAZING. THANK YOU!!!