Wednesday, January 19, 2011

P is for...

 pretty princesses playing at preschool

(and our proper prince Jacob that we miss so much on Wednesdays!  
So Drake reluctantly filled in :)

Haven taught everyone how to eat one of her favorite snacks:
Who'd have thought pistachios would be such a hit with 3 year-olds?
Here's Sweet Sarah!

Happy Haven.
Merry Marrisa.
The princesses made their own petite pepperoni pizzas...
Their royal meal consisted of popcorn, peanuts, pistachios,
pepperoni pizzas, pineapple juice, and... popsicles of course!
While the pizza's were baking we sang popcorn popping, 
which the girls apparently know very well, hand-motions and all!
... and just in case there was any confusion 
on what the letter-of-the-day was, 
(after this plethora of P's)... 
they all got goodies... 
just to drive it home. :) Ha.
P is for pencils, peace & puppies!
So in the words of our sweet little princesses...
peace out-
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