Saturday, March 28, 2009

Polka-Dotted Princess & Our Twilight Night

November 22nd, 2008
We all got dolled up for a fun Saturday night.  My mom insisted that we take a VERY low-key evening and go out.  (She knew I was going out of my mind with stir-craziness being on bed arrest for a month, so Greg and I had dinner and for-the-love-your-wife kinda movie TWILIGHT :)  
Haven went with Nana to bake cookies over at Sky's apartment in Belmont.  
She was in such a sweet mood that I just had to take these pictures of her.
She can be such an innocent Prima Donna...
 as illustrated below. :)

I LOVE when she crinkles her nose.
Another inheritance from Daddy... 
and her Great Grandma Ethel.
She always has 5 things she must NEVER leave without.
So here's Haven's "BYE BYE CHECKLIST"
TWO (normally 3) blankets... CHECK.
Her pampering Nana... CHECK.
She is such a lucky and happy girl.  It's been so sweet to have had my mom here taking care of us during this whole ordeal.  Thanks so much for taking good care of us... (thanks dad for sharing her)... and mostly thanks for treating Haven like a princess.  That bow might as well be a CROWN on her head.  I'm probably not going to like having to deal with the "Lil' Miss Priss" she's become once you're gone though.  It's going to be a sad day when you leave.  I'll just leave it at that.
I never EVER leave her.  And even though there's no one else I trust her with more, I always get so sad when I'm not with her.  I'm always wondering what she's doing... learning... or if she's happy.  Sorry I called you so much Mom :)  It's crazy to think that my little girls' growing up so fast.  Here she is waving and saying "Buh Bye Momma!"  She's NEVER been sad when we're apart.  Ever.  Maybe that's why I have the separation anxiety... to compensate for her lack of it :)
Greg took me to this really cute little restaurant where he was able to get us sat at a table with a really comfy tufted bench seat to sit on... and dropped me off so I'd take a whole 20 less steps. :)  This was my first time out of the house in a month.  What a bed-rest rebel.
This is LOVE.  Yes.  Greg actually went and saw TWILIGHT with me,
and he'll kill me for saying this, but he even read them along with me.  I think it's cute.  I think he learned a lot from a female perspective and he did have to tell me that whenever she'd talk about Edward he'd just skip to the next paragraph.  Funny boy.  But he did it.  Just for me.  (...and he actually took this picture as proof.)  That in and of itself made my month.  Love you!
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