Monday, June 30, 2008

Family Cruise June '08

So we got bored during the whole emergency drill
spiel.  It's not like we were learning anything of 
importance... just how to preserve our lives.
Here we are relaxing by the pool...
Greg surprised me by having a 
scrumptious VIRGIN daiquiri brought to me... 
no alcohol for this mormon 
(& prego) MAMA!


Greg, our nephew Landon, and 1/2 of me!
Don't be jealous of our sweet LANYARDS, okay?
I laughed so hard I almost did what
he was pretending to do with
the streamers and hydrant.  
with GREG AROUND.  Love it.

My foiled attempt at making you smile...
at least Greg thinks I'm funny.  Geese.

    Greg and I enjoying the industrial view of
     Long Beach... or not.  We were actually having
     one of our many Haven-missing-moments.  :(


Kolter & Lindsey said...

Finally!!! Yay! Cute pictures - I'm glad you had fun!! Next time, take us! Haha

Teresa said...

Yeah! Welcome to the blog world- You family is super cute! Way cute pictures-
Also like the wallpaper on your blog
I plan to stop by often. :}

Sara said...

Looks like you had a great time on the cruise! I am so jealous you got to swim with dolphins!

Staci said...

You are tooo cute..I read your comment and knew almost instantly that it was THE Shavonne!! I am sooo glad that you found me!! It is crazy all te stuff that is going right? Brady and the bunch..they are all growing up! Look at you beautiful girl..congrats on everything! You guys look so happy..what's new though right?! You always talk about lunch...but it just needs to be planned and act taken! I am down I would love that..I think you are super cute and I have always loved you! Sorry for the forever comment!!

Leandra said...

OH MY GOSH! This is probably the best thing that could have ever happened! I love your blog! And I need more updates on your life! Where in Utah are you living? Jesse (the husb) and I live in Orem and guess where he works... Carrabbas! I just remember that your hubby worked there for a while, anyway he likes it and its a good job until he finishes school. As for me I'm working at a company called Tour West. They do rafting trips and I basically do the reservations part of it all. I graduate from UV in December! wahoo! It's about fuh-reaking time! That's so exciting you are having a baby! How soon do you find out what you are having! And I need to see more pictures of Haven:) She is so stinking cute, but you are right, it has been forever since I have seen you! Okay I wanna join in on the lunch with staci too! It could be a fun reunion and get everyone there like Cat and Brady and just all the favorites:) So good to hear from you and don't worry i'll be stalking your blog all the time I am sure!

Leandra said...

p.s I have to ask you how you know Kevin and Monica Danner? Monica is Jesse's first cousin so it's a small world!

Shauna said...

Hey Shavonne! Makenzie is doing pretty good. She is healing very well and she isn't as scared of dogs as I thought she would be ... I don't know if that has anything to with the fact that my dad told her the dog that attacked her had it's head cut off, but anyway she's just enjoying her summer! ... I know, I'm surprised that Phil even has a dog! He doesn't like it though, I wonder if he has ever even touched it. I hate dogs, we just have a cat.

Keep updating your blog, you're doing a great job! C-ya

Kelly said...

I'm so glad you had a lot of fun with family. You deserve to get away before the new babe!:)